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KokNut is a discord bot featuring music, economy and moderation features






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This update brings enhanced music experience. You'll be able to load your playlists from spotify within 3 seconds! Also less known songs in spotify playlist will be more accurately found and played.

Loop, move, remove and seek commands were given new better responses and let you know when seeking for example finished.
Bassboost command was fixed with addition of 3 more filters

Radio was enhanced greatly and new play source was added which is discord attachment link.

--musicchat [set | new] sets or creates a channel where you can play music without using command
--filter [bassboost, pop, soft, treblebass] applies audio filter to current song
--vibrato Applies vibrato audio effect
--tremolo Applies tremolo audio effect
--rotation makes audio rotate around your head
--timescale lets you change pitch, speed or rate

This update brings a new feature for managing timezones! If your server has members from all across the world, this feature is made for you!

When a user mentions time and has timezone set, bot will automatically detect the time, react on the message with clock emoji, which upon clicking will send a message with converted time to your timezone.

Both users has to have timezone set!

--att enables time string detection (Manage Server)
--timezone set [timezone] sets given timezone
--timezone locale [locale] sets locale for time string
--timezone format [12 | 24] sets time format
--time [timezone] checks time in timezone
--time [@user] checks time for user

This update has brought classic moderation commands such as kick, ban, mute and more

--kick [@user] [reason] bans a user
--ban [@user] [reason] kicks a user
--autorole [@role | role name | role ID] sets autorole which will be given to new users
--prefix [new prefix] lets you change prefix
--clear [amount] [@user] clears certain amount of messages and allows you to filter them by user
--turn [command | alias | category] [on | off] [chat | server | category] lets you disable command or category in specific channels or categories or whole server